The windows have a very important aesthetic role but also a functional one. They increase or decrease the amount of natural light in your home and can improve energy efficiency. If your windows are in poor condition, not only is it a security issue, but it also harms the overall comfort of your home. It is very important to identify if it is time to replace the windows to plan the renovation in advance.

What are the signs that you should change your windows?


  1. You have higher energy bills

If the windows are old or worn, the amount of energy that the boiler or air conditioner must process increases, and with it the cost of maintenance. You can check if your windows are losing heat by sitting close to them and noticing if the air feels colder than in the rest of the room.

As a solution, you can opt for a window with a thermally insulated aluminum profile and low-emissivity thermal insulation glass, to keep the heat inside in winter and outside in summer.

  1. You hear a lot of noise from outside

Modern windows are designed to reduce the transfer of sound, so that you have peace in the house even if you live near a busy street. If you can clearly hear a car passing in front of your window, it is an indicator that your windows are outdated, incorrectly installed or of inferior quality. If you want to enjoy peace of mind, it is time to use aluminum windows with superior sound insulation, which reduces the sound that enters the room by almost 50%.

  1.  It is difficult to open and close windows

If the windows have not been installed correctly or if they are out of date, they will develop oscillation problems that will make it difficult to handle them. And in addition to the discomfort created, security issues can arise.

  1. You noticed condensation between the glass sheets

Condensation may be a sign that the windows need to be changed, but not all types of condensation mean that. Depending on where it occurs, it may or may not be a cause for concern. If you notice condensation between the layers of glass or if you notice that the windows freeze between the sheets of glass, it means that the layer that should act as a seal has been damaged, and the gas used for energy efficiency has evaporated. In this case, it is time to inquire about the available carpentry suppliers.

  1. You want a design upgrade

If you have gone through a process of renovating your house and you are still not satisfied with the new design, you can consider some modern windows, with a thin and elegant frame, a much larger glazing area and a generous palette of colors and textures. Gemstones are one of the most visible features of your home, and if they look old-fashioned, the whole house will look the same.

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