The humidity in the house represents the total water vapour in the air. High humidity in the house is a problem that can occur in both the hot and cold seasons because it varies depending on the difference in temperature in the house from outside. When the humidity in the house meets a cold surface, the water vapor changes from gaseous to liquid.


A large part of the solutions against moisture is represented by the change of some simple habits:

Showers - The bathroom is the wettest place in the house. A simple shower can lead to huge amounts of moisture in the air. Install and use a fan for 15-20 minutes after each shower to minimize the amount of vapors that are spread throughout the house.

Cooking - The kitchen is the second largest source of moisture in the house. When cooking, use a lid when boiling something and do not forget to turn on the hood.

Drying clothes - It is not at all a good idea to dry clothes in the house when it is cold outside. All the water in the clothes will turn into condensation on the walls or on the windows in the room.

Renovations - If renovations have been done recently, be sure to ventilate the rooms well to dry the walls completely or use paint and anti-moisture solutions.

Plants - Improper location of plants can be another source of condensation. You can opt for a plant that helps reduce moisture (such as cactus, orchid, tillandsia, or others)

Ventilation - Ventilation of rooms is one of the simplest and most effective actions to get rid of condensation.

Dehumidifier - An option is to purchase a dehumidifier that ensures the absorption of moisture from the air and its transformation into liquid.

Windows - To avoid condensation, you need to increase the surface temperature of the insulating glass inside the room. You can do this by choosing the windows with the lowest possible thermal coefficient and thermal insulation system from PRESTAREA.

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