Aluminum is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, which is lighter than other metals, but with increased mechanical strength. It is also very resistant to many forms of corrosion and has a maintenance cost close to zero, and the cleaning process is particularly easy.

  1. Mechanical properties

Aluminum windows are more resistant than PVC ones, and in case of large temperature fluctuations, they will not deteriorate over time. This makes them perfect against high summer temperatures.

Due to this high degree of strength, aluminum windows are not prone to expand or shrink so they keep all their other properties intact throughout their life.

The resistance of the metal frames of this type of windows makes them perfect for special projects, in which a wide opening is desired for the penetration of a large volume of natural light while keeping a thin frame for a modern design.

  1. Safety

Aluminum doors and windows offer a high level of safety, due to the increased strength of the material and due to their solid and durable construction.

In case of fire, aluminum windows limit its expansion, due to the fact that aluminum absorbs and removes much of the heat produced by fire and does not produce flammable or toxic gases.

  1. Design

No other material can offer as much design flexibility as aluminum. Ways to customize include a wide range of colors and textures, special types and sizes and a large, glazed area (up to 85% of the window area can be glass).

  1. Thermal and sound insulation

Contrary to popular belief, aluminum frames provide superior thermal insulation if they come from quality manufacturers and are reinforced with special insulation polyamide. Thus, it offers a high level of thermal insulation with zero or almost zero energy consumption and thanks to the advanced sealing gaskets, even the strongest cold winds are properly managed.

Also, a very important plus is the superior sound insulation, the aluminum windows having the capacity to reduce the noise that enters the room by almost 50%. The hermetic closing system of windows and doors (which leaves no free space for sound to penetrate) offers a high degree of sound insulation, ideal for urban areas with a high level of noise pollution.

  1. Eco-friendly

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material that can be continuously recycled, keeping its characteristics without any risk of degradation. The energy required for recycling represents 5% of the energy consumed for its production. Thus, choosing aluminum, you make an investment in your future, but also in the future of the planet.

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