The beginning

In 1991, the PRESTAREA window factory was founded, which had only one objective: to offer a qualitative carpentry alternative in the context of increasing the number of profit-oriented traders. Over time, the factory has evolved, the team has grown, the technologies have improved but the focus is the same: to improve the quality of life of our customers through the best carpentry products and services.


Looking to the future

The window and door factory PRESATREA is going through a rebranding project, developing a new brand identity that will support the experience gained in the last 30 years and the challenges of the next 30.

Where to find us

Visit our showroom or find out how aluminum and PVC windows are made directly from our
window and door factory.


Str. Brânduşa nr. 41, Iasi 700375, Romania
0752.155.566 tel |


Str. Cucu nr. 21, Iași 700259 , Romania
0232. 264. 422 tel |


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